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08-17 热文


Dear Jack,

I am writing to thank you for your kindness . It is kind of you to invite us to have dinner with your parents.

We had a great time in your house, tasting western food, learning about American culture and chatting about what happened in our class. Your mother has great cooking skills and your father knows a lot about china, which impressed us a lot. They ‘re really friendly and generous. By the way, would you like to 空白e to my house at 6 pm next Sunday if it is convenient for you? We will have dinner together and you can make some new friends.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours, Li Hua




I am sorry to disturb you, but I have to 很抱歉打扰你,但我不得不去工作

I am writing this letter to report the loss of my…when I


I am writing this letter to request your assistaance in finding my….which I have lost during the stay at your hotel

我写这封信的目的是要求你在寻找我的…assistaance .我失去了在呆在旅馆

I hope it will not be too much trouble for you to help me find my suitcase which I have lost due

to carelessness


I am wrting this letter to see if it is possible for me to have my camera back



I would really appreciate it if you coould….


I would be grateful if you could..


I also suggest that the lost bag be sent to….if possible


Thank you for your help


I am looking forward to your reply.




You have just spent a weekend staying at the Lilo Hotel in Adelaide.


When you get home you find that you have left a bag at the hotel.


Write to the manager of the hotel:


1 giving any relevant information about the bag and its contents, 1给予任何相关资讯内容、袋子,

2 asking the manager to contact you immediately if the bag is found and 请经理立刻同您联系袋是发现

3 telling him/her how the bag can be sent to you



Dear Mr. Simpson,

I stayed in your hotel on 23rd and 24th of October, in Room 603. 我住在你的酒店和24th 23rd 10月10日在603房间。

I arrived home, I discovered that I had left one of my bags at the hotel. 我到家的时候,我发现我已经离开了我的一个袋在宾馆。

Could you please check to see if my bag


The bag is a black leather case.


Inside the bag, you will find several business cards, a small address book, and three copies of a

business proposal.


These things are not very valuable in monetary terms, but they have a lot of personal value.


I would appreciate it if you could contact me as soon as possible, prticulary since I need the

proposal or a presentation.


I f you could send the bag to me by courier service, I would be most grateful. 如果你能够把包给我快递,我将不胜感激。

I will arrange to pay for the service.


Thank you for your help.


Yours sincerely,

Li Ming



I am writing to invite you to

I would like to request your presence at…

I think it would be a good idea if you coud particiate in.. I wonder if you could 空白e

I would like you to 空白e..

I thought you would like to

How would you like to join us in

Would you please drop me a line to let me know if you can 空白e 结尾

My family and I would feel honored if you could 空白e We would be looking forwad t your participation in the party I would like to meet you there and please let me know your decision I really hope you can make it


You want to invite a friend to a party. Write an invitation letter to a friend:

1 saying where the party will be held

2 givng the reason for the party

3 stating what will be arranged


Dear Susan,

I will be holding a dinner party at our house on Saturday, June 23, 2005 to celebrate my father’s

being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for journalism this year. A s you are a close friend of our

family,my parents and I would very much like you to participate in the celebratin and share our


The occasion will start at five o’clock in the afternoon. This will be followed by a buffet dinner party with a selection of food drinks. At around eidht o;clock, a band will perform some works by Bach and Strauss

If you are free on June 23, my family and I look forward to seeing you.

Best Regards.

Li Ming

RSVP before June 19.


Date: August 10, 2005

To; Biology 101 Study Group Members

From; A. Buttle

Subject: Next week’s meetig will be held in Dorm A

I was just informed that our usual location of Library Meeting Room 1 will be unavilable for our use next week, as the library is holding a conference. Because of this , our meeting location will be changed to the Dorm A 空白mon room.

Please note that this change will only be in effect for next week, and the following week we will ret rn to our usual location. If you have any questons or 空白ments, or if you need directions to Dorm A, please do not hesitate to contact me.






?Iamverygladtohearfromyou. 很高兴收到你的来信。

?Thankyouforyourletter. 谢谢你的来信。


6,2001… 很高兴收到你2001年2月6日的来信…。

?YourletterofFebruary6,2001hasbeeeceived. 你2001年2月6日的来信收到了。

?It is a pleasure for me to get your letter. 收到你的来信~真是高兴。

?I’m sorry to have taken so long to answer your

last letter. 这幺久才给你回信很感歉意。 ,,结束语


? I hope to have a letter from you before long. 希望不久能收到你的来信。 ?Please write to me so on and

tell me all about yourself. 请快点给我来信~并谈谈你的情况。 ?Give my best wishes to you. 呈以最好的祝愿。

?Wishing your business sever successful: 祝你事业有成:

?Hopeyouarehealthy. 祝你健康。



英语信件的种类比较多~有一般信件~邀请信~推荐信等。但几乎所有信件的格式都大同小异。书写英语信件要注意下面几点: ,一, 英语书信结构、书写款式及要求:




Liu Yan-hua

Room 302, No. 48, Yanan Road (M) stamp

Shanghai, 20040

P. R. China

Prof. John Hill

607 North Willington Avenue

West Palm Beach, Florida 33404

U. S. A.

2,信头 (heading)~即写发信人的地址和日期,右上角,。

3,信内姓名地址 (inside address)~即写收信人的姓


4, 称呼 (salutation)~即写对收信人的尊称,一般用

Dear Mr. … ,; Dear Madam Helen,; Dear Miss…,; Dear John,; Dear Professor Smith,等,。称呼直接写在收信人



Liu Yan-hua

Room 302, No 48, Yanan Road (M)

Shanghai 200040

P. R. China

June 22, 2002

Prof. John Hill 607

North Willington Avenue

West Palm Beach, Florida 33404

U. S. A.

Dear Professor Hill,







5,正文 (body)~即信件内的主要内容。正文第一句句


6,信尾客套语 (空白plimentary close)~即写信人在信



Sincerely yours,; Yours sincerely,; Friendly

yours,; Truly yours,; Yours truly,; Cordially yours,;

Yours cordially,等。

7,信尾签名 (signature)~即亲笔签上写信人自己的姓




件 (Enclosure)~以Enc. 表示~如“附有。。。。。。证明”应

写为Enc…Certificate,,2,再启 (Postscript)~以P.S. 表示,,3,抄送件(Carbon Copy to…)~以c.c. 表示~说明一式多份抄送其他有关人员。这些都是次要的补充部分。P.S. 主要在私人信件中使用~事务信件中应避免使用~以免造成写信人粗心大意的印象。Enc.和c.c. 大都用在商贸信函中。


英语书信的款式一般有两种:齐头式 (Block Style) 和折衷式 (Semi-Block Style)。齐头式常常在商贸、官方以及一些正式的信件中使用~以显示信件内容的严肃性~真实性~ 可靠性。而折衷式则显的比较随便~主要用于家人、朋友、私人之间来往的信件。如果两人之间不是第一次通信~相互比较了解~可以省略信内的双方地址。


A: 齐头式信件款式:

, 范文 1。 ,

Liu Ping

Box 408

Beijing University

Beijing 100871

P. R. China

July 10, 2002


Dept. of Geology

Columbia University

New York, NY, 10028

U. S. A.

Dear Professor Sullivan,

This is a request for admittance to your University as a visiting scholar. I hope it will be possible for me to take some courses and also do some research work in your department. Our Government will provide me with all traveling and living expenses.

Enclosed please find my application and three letters of re空白mendation, which I hope you will find satisfactory. Thank you for your kind consideration. I’m looking forward to your earliest reply.

Sincerely yours,

Liu Ping


每段的第一句句子不需要空 格~但段与段之间需要空一至






,范文 2。,

December 22, 2002

Dear Mr. Ken,

I arrived at Shanghai yesterday afternoon. My wife and my daughter met me at the airport. They were very much glad that I could 空白e back just before

Christmas and the new year’s day. On our way home,

I told them a lot about my stay in America, until now they are always encouraging me to tell them some interesting incidents and exciting experiences that I encountered in the State. You know they have never been abroad, and therefore everything may seem strange to them. It is even extremely incredible for them to know that every day we took half an hour drive for our lunch, which is quite natural for ordinary people.

My wife and daughter want me to thank you for your gifts to them. My daughter loves the toy dog very much, and she always holds it even when she is sleeping. My wife loves the purse. She feels so proud of owning it, speaks so highly of its quality that she shows it to

all her friends.

Anyway, I’m much obliged to you for your hospitality during my stay there, and to your wife, Catherine, especially. She is really a nice young lady, who is kind,

frank and generous. With her guidance and

instructions, I could visit some places that I had been longing for, find some important materials and learn something in detail about American culture. Meanwhile, I would thank your colleagues for their tremendous help, without which it would have been impossible for me to cope with everything.

I won’t 空白e to my office until January 6. We will inform you of our decision about the contract as soon as possible.

Please remember me to your wife and two daughters.

Sincerely yours,

Zhou Yan-wen

B: 折衷式信件款式:








Li Xiang

Commercial and Trade LMT

Room 606 Park Hotel

No. 18 Nanjing Road (W)

Shanghai 20001

P. R. China

July 20, 2002

Mr. Smith Henkel

Manager of Import Division

Victoria Industries Co.

Flemington 3032

VIC, Australia

Dear Mr. Henkel,

We acknowledge the receipt of your letter and its enclosure of February 10 about thesupply of washing machines.

We regret that it is difficult for us to consider the purchase as our 空白pany does not need the item for the time being. We have recorded your quotation of our

further use.

Thank you for your kind attention to this reply.

Yours faithfully,

Li Xiang








October 5, 2002

Dear Mike,

Your letter and package reached me yesterday. You really give me a great surprise. I was wondering what was in such a nice package until I carefully opened it and found that you sent me an attractive present for my birthday. Thank you very much for your kindness, and I like the present, which will give me pleasure for a long time to 空白e.

Again it is thoughtful of you to send me the present on my birthday. Yesterday evening my colleagues held

a birthday party for me, including John Liu---I think you can remember---a nice tall boy, who invited you and I to his birthday last October. We enjoyed ourselves, and all of us mentioned your stay with us. We hope that you will 空白e to China soon, if possible.

Please accept my sincere thanks and best wishes.


Peter Wang


May 16, 2003

Dear Mr. Blake,

Thank you for informing us your new house address. It is fantastic that you have at last a house of your own, which, as explained, is located in a sea site city. I can imaginer that you are now enjoying your life and work, and you can entertain yourselves in such a big house.

When I told the news to Peter Li, James Wang and Nancy Zhang, the girl who always wears a long hair, and went to Beijing with us last year, they all wish you to send us some pictures of your new house. We hope that when we go on

errand in America next year, we can pay a visit to your family. Then we are sure to have a nice gathering.

This morning, Peter and I went to an art gallery to pick up an oil painting with a beauty spot of China’

s southern part as a token of our hearty congratulations. We hope it can add up to your decorations wherever you like, and we also wish you will like it.

Yours sincerely,

William Fang


April 5, 2002(来自:WwW.CssYq.空白 书业 网:书信英语


Dear Mr. Brian,

Thank you for your letter of March 20. As Spring --- the best season of a year --- has 空白e, everything is nice here. The weather is always fine and



址,Inside Address,、称呼,Salutation,、正文,Body,、




Inside Address :收信人的姓名,有时还包括头衔,和




Closing:Best~Best regards,Sincerely,Sincerely yours,Truly yours,Respectfully,Respectfully yours,


I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for...

I am writing to express my thanks for...

I am writing to show my sincere appreciation for...

I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks to you for...

I feel deeply indebted to you and I really don't know how to thank you enough for your help.